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My tributes to my favorite Cartoonists have been removed from this site. Some of them are available in my first book, and others may be collected elsewhere. Below are links to my salutes and tributes to certain events and people in American History

This page was originally intended to present my tributes to those influential Cartoonists who I have looked up to and learned from. However, the tragic events of Sept. 11 have caused us all to pause, and think about life in a different way. As a creative person, it helps to express my feelings, and I can learn by having my characters deal with unpleasant subjects in a way we all should; openly and honestly. It is hard to be funny in an insane world where Human beings can be so terribly awful to each other. For my own peace of mind, I've found it necessary to draw the following strips, and to have my characters, specifically children, talk about these nightmares that have actually, unbelievably happened.

World Trade Center tragedy

Great Underground Railroad.

The Holocaust, Grandparents

Thankfully, not all of American History and Folklore is tragic. We have a lot of strength and heroics to remember, and the following continues the above, in looking at history, and the great influences on my own life.

John Henry, Steel Driving Man

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