Salute to the Great Underground Railroad

    Salute to the Great Underground Railroad

This cartoon has published in "Passages to Freedom: The Underground Railroad in History and Memory" edited by David Blight for Smithsonian Press (see link below).

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Once upon a time, this great country of ours was nearly torn apart over the issue of slavery and the rights of individuals. Slavery is still an emotional issue, and many people would rather forget that it ever happened than dredge up the emotional arguments of either side again.

I feel this would be a terrible mistake, however. The story of the Great Underground Railroad is one of great courage and spirit, and shows us again just what we are all capable of, both good and bad.

I created this particular comic strip in tribute to those people who risked their lives to escape a terrible injustice, to those people who risked their own freedom to aid these escapees, and especially to those for whom escape was impossible and freedom was just a dream.

And to those people who would rather forget the past? Just remember what they say about history repeating itself...

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