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Tribute to survivors of the Holocaust, and to Grandparents

    Tribute to survivors of the Holocaust, and to Grandparents  in general

You may argue that the Holocaust has nothing to do with American History, but I am sure those survivors of the Holocaust and their families who have made America their home may argue with you. Though these events happened a seemingly long time ago, their effects still ripple through time, and affect those whose families suffered so much.

This strip came about for me in trying to put together some family history. In asking my grandparents a few innocent questions, I was suddenly exposed to this whole other world that I had no idea about. Events that happened a mere half-century ago, were like nothing I imagined. Their struggles, their lives and dreams put so much into perspective for me. I understood my parents better, and how my family and myself came to be who we are.

Our Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and anyone in our lives who has been around long enough to obtain some true wisdom are a mine of information. Remember... they have lived through the stuff that we read about in history books, and have had very different lives. Some remember times before television, and fast food, and some remember when food was scarce, and not lined up on the shelves of grocery stores. Each has a unique story, and their lives can teach us so much; as long as we take the time to just... listen.

Please let me know what you think of this cartoon.

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