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The Inquiring Minds are Bobby, Albert, and Iris, three kids looking for fun and adventure in their hometown of Three Craters Lake. New strips appear at the homepage, and several projects are underway. We have two Inquiring Minds comic books available now. First is The Inquiring Minds: Funny Pages , twenty full color pages of Sunday and Daily comic strips. The second, The Ghost Pirate Skeletons of Three Craters Lake is our first full color full length storyline featuring The Inquiring Minds! And at over 32 pages of story, it's one big whopping adventure!

A new series is in the works, with each issue being a full length adventure, and there is a graphic novel planned which will be full of great stuff. Stay tooned for more about these and other Inquiring Minds projects!

Read the strips below to find out more about The Inquiring Minds. Thanks!

The Inquiring Minds

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