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Available now from HappyGlyphs Comics;
3 Knights in India, the graphic novel. You can preview this book by getting chapter 1 or 2 from our bookstore .

3 Knights in India is a Knight and Day comic strip adventure that appeared weekly nationwide in India Post. You can read more about Knight and Day at this link , or scroll down for more about 3 Knights in India.

Steven Knight is an ordinary guy from New Jersey, struggling to achieve, and maintain, the American Dream. All he wants for his family is good health and happiness. For himself, he wants a big screen TV.

When Sister-in-Law Sunny Day shows up on his doorstep looking for room and board, Steven has no idea that Sunny is just a single irritating thread in Fate's Tapestry; a thread that will take Steven and his family on a journey halfway around the world, changing their lives forever!

The graphic novel is 148 pages, includes all new foreword, introduction, and author notes, terrific recipes, and lots of new illustrations and story pages, including an exclusive prequel.

3 Knights in India is a story about family and friends, using New Jersey and India as a backdrop. Although a humorous story about relationships, and how the people we care about can drive us crazy, the book also acts as travelogue, giving firsthand accounts of travel from Bombay to Bangalore, to Mysore and Delhi and Agra. So turn off that cell phone, put your seat backs in the upright position, and come along for the ride, to a land where adventure can be found around every corner!

Preview the story below.


(3 Knights in India appeared weekly in India Post)

For more illustrations, as well as
photos from my last trip to Bangalore, please click the photo below.

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