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for John Steventon and HappyGlyphs Comics.

  • September 11, 2006 : HappyGlyphs Comics is happy to announce an all new series of graphic narratives by Cartoonist John Steventon, aptly titled John's Shorts.

    Regardless of the title, this series has little to do with underwear, and a lot to do with a Cartoonist preserving his sanity by pushing his craft in myriad directions, and exploring numerous ideas, characters, and situations. Lots of fun, and hopefully some delightful stories with a surprise or two. Most of these stories will feature completely new characters, although it is inevitable that characters from Knight and Day and The Inquiring Minds may make appearances.

    I have a new comic strip in development, says John, and numerous Freelance projects running concurrently, none of which will appear at the HappyGlyphs.com in the near future. This project was created mostly for my regular readers, so that fresh content will be available until these long term projects are completed. Also, I have nearly a dozen scripts plotted out, that have been sitting on my To DO list, just begging to be illustrated. These stories are the best of that To DO list, and are terrific opportunities for me to stretch my creative abilities in new directions.

    For more, please click the illustration below. Thanks!

  • August 10, 2006 : Today's Lloyd's List has a terrific article regarding John Steventon's Maritime Safety Posters. Apparently, "such posters are becoming collector's items, whether normal size or in small format". They go on to say that "Artist John Steventon ... has again interpreted serious subjects in a humorous style in an easy-to-read and memorable format", and that the posters will be translated into Chinese later this year. The full article, including one of the posters, can be read on page 6 of the August 10, 2006 edition of Lloyd's List.

    Lloyd's List is one of the world's oldest continuously-running journals, having printed shipping news in London at least as early as 1741.

    To see some of John's Maritime Safety Work, please visit John's Freelance Portfolio.

  • May 4, 2006 : May 5 is National Cartoonist's Day and May 6 is Free Comic Book Day!

    To celebrate, HappyGlyphs Comics is making available for a limited time a brand new comic for you to download. Completely original material never before seen from our new Graphic Novel 3 Knights in India. So if you haven't bought 3 Knights in India, the graphic Novel yet, this is your chance to see what you are missing... for FREE!

    You can check it out at the following link, and read more about these special days at our blog.

    Free Comic Link

  • April 6, 2006 : The Inquiring Minds will be appearing at a school near you beginning in 2007. McDougal Littell ( a division of Houghton Mifflin) has acquired non-exclusive rights to The Inquiring Minds tribute to John Henry for its 8th Grade literature program. Students will be able to learn while laughing with The Inquiring Minds beginning in 2007.

    To see the cartoon, and learn more about it and John Steventon's interest in John Henry, please click the image below.

    Please click this link to preview the new Inquiring Minds book that features both The Inquiring Minds Underground Railroad and John Henry tributes.

  • March 6, 2006 : 3 Knights in India has concluded after nearly 3 years at HappyGlyphs.com, and a year and a half in print in India Post. The complete story is now available as a 148 page graphic novel, including loads of extras from the 3 Knights in India comic books, and new exclusives created just for this edition.

    You can see the front cover design and learn more about what's going on at John Steventon's new blog.

  • February 13, 2006 : HappyGlyphs Comics is proud to announce their first full color book, The Inquiring Minds #1. The Inquiring Minds is a 6x8 inch horizontal format book, with 32 pages of full color Inquiring Minds comic strips. Included here are many of the more popular strips, such as The Inquiring Minds tribute to the Great Underground Railroad, and several strips that have not been shown anywhere in years. These latter strips include rare daily strips colored for the first time for this volume.

    Please click this link for more information, and this link to preview the book.

  • September 24, 2005 : Look in the October issue of National Geographic Traveller magazine for a mention of John Steventon's 3 Knights in India We're on page 17, in the article, Comic Books on the Move.

  • September 13, 2005 : John Steventon appears in the latest, and last, issue of CARTOONIST PROfiles (Number 146, June 2005). The article was written by John, and offers advice on Freelance Cartooning while discussing his varied and interesting career in the field.

    CARTOONIST PROfiles has been the premier magazine for the Cartooning industry for over 35 years, and has featured many prominent as well as up and coming Creators in its time. "I am very proud and honored to be a part of this final issue", says John,"and I will sorely miss CARTOONIST PROfiles for all that it had to offer."

    This issue is available for $10 at CARTOONIST PROfiles, P.O. Box 325, Fairfield, Ct 06430.

  • September 1, 2005 : Chapter 3 of the comic strip adventure 3 Knights in India is now available. This chapter finally finds the Knight family in India after a long flight with the irascible Rekha. Rekha mellows, though, as she plays native guide to Iris and her parents from shopping in Bangalore's Jayanagar market to musings along the road to Mysore.

    Chapter 3 is available now in comic book form for a limited time at the HappyGlyphs Online Store. This book contains 2 full color covers with 20 black and white interior pages.

  • June 16, 2005 : Shipboard Safety, a specially commisioned color comic-book style safety manual debuted today from the Shipowners Claims Bureau, Inc. The book, written and illustrated by John Steventon, with the supervision of Dr. William Moore, was designed to 'educate through entertainment'. Shipboard Safety is the second book in this series, and focuses on the specific safety issues faced by Seafarers on a daily basis. It follows the success of last year's publication of Preventing Fatigue.

  • June 7, 2005 : HappyGlyphs.com and John Steventon are happy to announce that 3 Knights in India is celebrating 1 year in print in India Post! Next week's strip begins the first full day in India for Steven, Amy, and Iris Knight, and marks the anniversary of the strip's appearance in the national newspaper India Post.

  • January 5, 2005 : Applemill Cottage Company, long known for their wonderful candles, is expanding its product line to include a Baby Wash, Pet Wash, an All-purpose Cleaner, and a Veggie Wash. These great products will feature humorous illustrations and fun design by John Steventon especially for this product line. Please visit their sitefor more details. Product availability will be announced here soon.

  • December 18, 2004 : Preventing Fatigue, a specially commisioned color comic-book style safety manual debuted today from the Shipowners Claims Bureau, Inc. The book, designed, written and illustrated by John Steventon, with the help and supervision of Dr. William Moore, was designed to 'educate through entertainment', teaching seafarers the dangers, warning signs, and prevention of fatigue.

    • September 28, 2004 : John Steventon will be featured in a future issue of CARTOONIST PROfiles.

      The article, written by John, is six pages long with eight illustrations, and will feature a look at his career as a Freelance Cartoonist, as well as advice that John has "learned the hard way". Anyone interested in the profession of Cartooning will learn a lot from this insightful article.

      Check here or at the HappyGlyphs messageboard for updates, and to learn which issue the article will appear in. CARTOONIST PROfiles is a quarterly print magazine that features profiles on professional Cartoonists, and offers advice, tips, and insights to aspiring Cartoonists.

    • September 16, 2004 : HappyGlypys Comics is proud to announce the release of 3 Knights in India #2, the second comic book released in this series. This issue features 20 black and white pages with full color covers, 2 color features, a new recipe, and the introduction of a new character.

      For more information, and to order any HappyGlyphs Comics book or comic book, please visit our online store.

    • June 18, 2004 : National newspaper India Post featured an article on creator John Steventon for the release of Chapter 1 of 3 Knights in India in comic book form. With the article came an agreement to run 3 Knights in India from the beginning on a weekly basis in India Post. Material exclusive to the comic book will remain exclusive, but India Post readers will be able to enjoy the major storylines each week in the lifestyles section.

    • April 2004 : Chapter 1 of John Steventon's 3 Knights in India will be collected in comic book form, and available in late May, 2004. The comic will be 32 pages, and will include material not available elsewhere, such as added artwork, additional story elements, and a new recipe.

      Exciting news! Anika Sharma, the wity and charming writer of Anika's Zen, her column for the international newspaper India Post, has agreed to write the introduction.

      For more details, please visit www.HappyGlyphs.com.

    • October 18, 2003 : Two full color Sunday Strips of The Inquiring Minds will be appearing in a future issue of Children's Magic Window magazine.

      Says The Inquiring Minds Creator John Steventon, "I'm thrilled to see the kids in print again. I'm rather fond of those strips, and I am very happy to know that they will be seen by a whole new audience."

      The Inquiring Minds are a secondary comic strip running throughout the Knight and Day comic strip franchise, existing in the current Knight and Day timeline, and will be seen appearing in the latest Knight and Day adventure going on now at www.HappyGlyphs.com. Plans for more The Inquiring Minds stand-alone Sunday strips are also in the works.

    • July 9, 2003 : Starting today, a new Knight and Day adventure begins at HappyGlyphs.com. Unlike recent experiments, this one is here to stay.

      "I've decided to stop worrying about what the Syndicates want," said John Steventon, creator of the Knight and Day comic strip, "and to stop looking for the most commercial way to sell my work. A site like mine needs to at least pay for itself to thrive, but I'm doing well enough with freelancing to begin a venture like this and give it time to grow. This is the story I have been wanting to do, and I know my passion and energy will come through. I believe my audience and I will both be a lot happier if I am honest with my work."

      The new storyline will continue for at least a year, and will "go beyond your average comic strip collection". Details are being kept secret for now, although the entire behind the scenes story, including loads of extras, is available now to subscribers of the HappyGlyphs.com newsletter.

    • April 2003 : John Steventon and HappyGlyphs.com are proud to announce yet another new cartoon feature; RAISING IRIS. Raising Iris is a single panel cartoon that takes a look at parenting from a Stay at Home Dad's perspective, although anybody who has entered a room to find that their child has attempted to change her own diaper will find something to relate to here. Raising Iris is a Knight and Day feature, taking place after the events of the first Knight and Day comic strip collection, and before the current events of 3 Knights in India: a Knight and Day comic Strip adventure.

    • April 2003 : John Steventon has been commissioned by Grace Abraham Publishing to illustrate cartoons for their forthcoming book "Laughing and Learning: adventures in Parenting".

    • April 2003 : John Steventon has written the introduction to Brian Hughes' long awaited new novel "Miss Duvall's Advocate", available now here.
      For more on Brian's work, please see our recommended books page.

    • February 2003 : One time rights to The Inquiring Minds salute to The Great Underground Railroad are sold. The cartoon will appear Summer 2004 in "Passages to Freedom: The Underground Railroad in History and Memory" edited by David Blight for Smithsonian Press.

      See this cartoon here.

    • December 2002 : The first Knight and Day comic strip collection "Take Me Away From All This!! is available to buy. This book offers the complete Knight and Day comic strips that appeared on the web from May 2000 to September 2001, as well as new material created especially for this book.

      "Take Me Away From All This!!" deals with the particular ups and downs of newleywed life, and fetaures an introduction by Cartoonist Brian Hughes.

    Take Me Away from All This!!