Two Mini-comics

3 Knights in India #0 and The Wolfman of Beckenham, kent
Mini Comic Two-Pack!

Offer Discontinued. These stories will be available in a future anthology.

A two-pack of HappyGlyphs mini-comics. The Wolfman of Bekenham, Kent, and 3 Knights in India #0.

3 Knights in India#0 is the prelude to our graphic novel of the same name, and tells of Steven Knight's (of Knight and Day) first trip to India. (This story is included in the graphic novel)

The Wolfman of Beckenham, Kent tells the very bizzare story of a young man in England who seems to have a... problem. Or does he? YOU figure it out.

Humorous stories with Mature Content.

13 black and white story pages with full color covers.