Once Upon A Times...

Once Upon A Times... the Early Comic Strips of John Steventon
Comic Strip Collection
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The Creator of Knight and Day and The Inquiring Minds creaks open his closet door and blows the dust off his earlier work... stuff that’s too good not to share! Inside this book are not the stinkers that you might expect. Instead, what you will find are the experiments of a young Cartoonist learning his craft. Experiments with pens and brushes, font size, drawing size, character design, and more. The art is not all bad, and in some cases is pretty nice. The ideas are fresh and wonderful; the ideas of a creative mind just having fun and trying to create the best strips that he can.

If you are a fan of John’s comic strips, then you will find plenty that is familiar here: characters, places, and even a few situations. It’s all good, with whole new worlds for HappyGlyphs Fans to explore and run around in, and characters to hang out with who may already seem like old friends. Over 265 cartoons and illustrations, plus loads of advice on creating and submitting a comic strip.

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132 black and white pages with full color cover.
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