3 Knights in India #2

3 Knights in India #2
Comic Book

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Iris' Aunt Sunny is getting married in India, and Iris really wants to be there; unfortunately, her parents aren't sure they can afford such a big trip right now. The pressure is on parents Steven and Amy Knight as friends and family try talking them into going. And see how Steven's best friend (and Sunny's ex-boyfriend) Oz is taking all this!

Features a frank father-daughter discussion on terrorism and an even franker discussion on how Amy and Sunny's parents found out about Ramesh! We also meet Ramesh's sister Rehka, who claims, "Not everyone gets off the plane singing 'I want to live in America'!" There is also a new recipe, a full color journal entry by Iris Knight on eating in India, a full-color 3 Knights in India Art Gallery and 6 extra pages exclusive to the comic book!

20 black and white pages with full color inside and outside covers.
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