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According to my baby book, I was drawing faces at the age of two. At six, I remember spreading the Sunday Funnies across my bed and trying to copy the Peanuts characters*. Much later, I had a dream which changed my life forever. An entire story flashed before my mind's eye; a science fiction adventure which I still remember vividly. I woke up, wrote everything down, and then spent the next couple of weeks trying to find the perfect vehicle for this story. I finally decided on a comic strip, and I have been cartooning ever since.

Cartooning is more than something that I want to do - it's in my blood; it is something that I have to do. I can't explain how happy I am smelling the ink, and just drawing four black squares on my Bristol. Those four squares are what cartooning is all about. They are the windows into this whole other universe which, once created, takes on a life of its own.

I created my first website, www.knightnday.com (defunct) and then www.HappyGlyphs.com, to showcase my comic strips and illustrations. My first online comic strip, a tribute to marriage entitled Knight and Day, is now collected in book form in “Take Me Away From All This!!”. The strip was in print in The Youngtown Edition ( a college newspaper), and was featured on Tribune Media Services Comic's Edge Program in October 2000. After one and a half years online, with several thousand online readers at its peak, I made the difficult decision to end the strip. I then developed The Inquiring Minds, which explores the ups, downs, and wonders of childhood. A moment of great pride in my life was when my The Inquiring Minds Salute to the Great Underground Railroad was chosen to be published in "Passages to Freedom: The Underground Railroad in History and Memory" edited by David Blight for Smithsonian Press.

I then began developing a new strip based on merging Knight and Day with The Inquiring Minds to create a strip with something for everyone; a strip in which I can explore a broad range of stories and ideas. The first installment in this new comic strip is an exciting adventure called 3 Knights in India, an extended storyline that takes place several years after “Take Me Away From All This!!” and takes the Knight family on a life-changing journey across the globe. 3 Knights in India ran weekly in the India Post newspaper, and is now available as a graphic novel.(In print, and as an eBook!)

I am currently enjoying a successful Freelance Illustration and Cartoon career, and expanding my horizons by exploring vector illustration, and the amazing communication tool that is Cartooning. What words cannot say, a picture can, and vice-versa. Together, though, words and pictures make a powerful tool that it is my pleasure to make a life’s study of.

Please visit www.HappyGlyphs.com and let me know what you think :0)

For a more detailed look at my career, please see the article about me in CARTOONIST PROfiles (number 146, June 2005).

You can download my CARTOONIST PROfile article for free, here.

For the latest news and work, please see my blog, or follow HappyGlyphs Comics on facebook.

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